There Is No Going Back Now

The Great Orme Tramway, Llandudno

Heading up the Great Orme in Llandudno by Tram

Looking down to St Tudno’s Church

Almost at the Halfway Station

Changing trams at the Halfway Station

Misty View from the Top of the Great Orme

The Ancient Copper Mine

I have lightened the following images of my  underground walk through the mine. It was seriously dark in there with just a few dim lights along the way.  The tunnels were narrow and the ceilings were very low.   The floor was wet and slippery.

I am highly claustrophobic, so this was really about facing my fear of small dark places.  And it was scary!!  Several times I just wanted to turn around and run for my life!!  

After about twenty minutes of feeling my way  in almost complete darkness, I was really wishing I had never started.  The thought of being 18 metres below ground in these never-ending dank passageways was frightening.  But I was determined that I would see it through.  “There is no going back now,” I told myself firmly.  I seemed to have come a long way and I had no idea how much longer this would continue.

After a minute or two, I reached some stone steps and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Well at least I’m heading upwards now,” I said aloud.

Suddenly I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I quickened my step.

At last I was out in the open and I took a deep breath to steady myself.  On one hand I was trembling visibly, but on the other hand I was exultant.  “I did it, I did it,” I said aloud.  But I have to say I very much doubt I would ever do anything like that again!! 

I walked down to the halfway station to get the return tram.  Twenty minutes later I was back on the promenade.

What an adventure!!

I have learned an important lesson from my scary escapade:

Wherever we want to go in life, if we keep on walking forward we will eventually reach our ultimate destination.  

Additionally, our world is evolving, moving forward to greater things, and we must move forward with it. However scary the path becomes, however much we want to run away, we must have faith that we can succeed and that we will reach our desired destination. We are headed in the right direction. There is no going back now. 

“There are no limitations, except in the human mind.

 Keep hoping, keep believing, keep acting, keep moving forward,

and you will have your dream.”

Images: The Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales 

Originally posted on my previous site, Isabella Rose Photography.

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  1. Thank you, dear Lizzy, for sharing your amazing adventure. Even though I love to visit underground caves, this ones I most certainly would skip. Be blessed. ❤️

    • Bless you, dear Francina. Yes, it was quite an adventure and not one I’m likely to repeat. Hope you are keeping safe and well 💙💜

  2. Thanks for your like of my post, “17 Israel – Shabbat – May 31, 2019;” your graciousness is greatly appreciated.

  3. Thank you, Timothy. Apologies for the delay in replying.

  4. I love visiting Llandudno and The Great Orme, I cant believe we never did this tunnel but thinking of it I don’t think my Mum likes tight places.
    Great photos you were brave overcoming your fear. 💕

    • Thank you, Charlotte. The tunnels are quite narrow and only very dimly lit. They go down quite deep too. Not for the faint-hearted. xx

  5. Fascinating. Beautiful photos.

  6. Great adventure! I am glad that You made this photo story and shared it with us. Thank You.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Ah! Isabella!! Oh…brave one! I am so happy you conquered your fear and moved through it! I also understand how you would not want to go back and do it again. When I was in my teens I went on a tour in caverns…and I am claustrophobic as well (actually…someone suggested I might be cleithrophobic…had never heard of it but when I read it it made sense…look it up it is very interesting) I literally thought I would die!!! And I have never…to this day ever put myself in a space like that again. I am all for facing fears…when I go out in the ocean on my paddle board that is a huge one. I just don’t think I could do what you did!

    Hope you are better than wonderful. Many sweet blessings to you ❤

    • Lovely to hear from you, Lorrie. I’ve heard it said “Face your fear and it will flee from you.” I can tell you that is not true!! My biggest fear is flying. In 2008 I flew to Israel and I was totally terrified the whole of the time, there and back. I will never fly again! I’ve just looked up the word “cleithrophobic” on the Oxford Dictionary and it says “No exact matches found for “cleithrophobic”. It will only give me claustrophobic.

      • Yes…I had the flying fear also but for some reason was able to overcome it quite easily.
        I had a hard time finding cleithrophobia when I googled it this time…strange.
        I did find it on
        Basically it is a form of claustrophobia…but includes being confined (not just in small spaces) like for instance the idea of going to prison frightens me to death! If I am trapped/boxed in in traffic…ugh! If I struggle to get out of tight clothing…watch out!
        Have a wonderful week ahead 💜

      • Have a great week too 💛💜

  8. Wow! That was an adventure! Incredible history and beautiful landscapes. Thank you, Izzy.

  9. Well done and you still took lovely photos 🙂

  10. Loved my journey to the top and thank you for sharing this wonderful exploration of the underground mine… I have been to Llandudno many years ago, but never went on the tram.. I love exploring these kind of caves.. And so pleased you enjoyed your adventure.. 🙂

  11. Great photos, what an adventure. I Would love to do this one day

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts over this scary walk, Elisabeth!!

  13. A beautiful but terrifying journey, Izzy. Your exquisite photos prove that facing our deepest fears can lead us to astounding discoveries. ❤

  14. What an adventure – loved your insights. Hugs coming from across the pond.

  15. An interesting adventure. Nice representative illustrations. Reminded me of my visit to the Catacombs outside Roma.

    • Thank you, dear Jo. I’d love to visit the catacombs but I doubt I could cope with the claustrophobia again! Blessings, my friend.

  16. choo choo!
    happy you made it
    out safely 🙂

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