And Still The Bell Tolls

01-NWL-2-2-2Llyn Celyn is a large reservoir constructed between 1960 and 1965 in the Tryweryn valley in North Wales.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt is 2½ miles long by 1 mile wide, and has a maximum depth of 43 meters [140 feet].  It can hold 71,200 mega litres of water.IMG_7297-2The reservoir is contained behind a rock gravity dam.012Construction of the reservoir involved flooding the village of Capel Celyn and adjacent farmland.  When the valley was flooded in 1965, the village and its buildings, including the post office, the school, and a chapel with cemetery, were all lost. Twelve houses and farms were submerged, and 48 people of the 67 who lived in the valley lost their homes.  In all some 800 acres of land were submerged.033-3-2Many of the stones from the original chapel were re-used in the construction of the Tryweryn Memorial Chapel, at the Bala end of Llyn Celyn.  IMG_7269041-3
Families who had relatives buried in the cemetery were given the option of moving them to another cemetery. Consequently, eight bodies were disinterred and the remainder left. The removed headstones are located near the memorial chapel.045But nature has a way of renewing herself and, fifty years on, the tranquil beauty of this area is enchanting and strangely haunting. And when I need to find myself, you will find me here in this oasis of calm and tranquillity. 185-2077-2088 (2)-2-2IMG_7326-2SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABut “Hush!”  Is that the wind rustling in the trees?120-4-2Or is it the chapel bell tolling out beneath the waters of Llyn Celyn?

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  1. Wat een pracht foto’s en reportage

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Angel.

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  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful Welsh countryside, we have been to Bala, but never seen the chapel, will have a look next we visit 🙂

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    • Thank you, Llyn Celyn is only 2 or 3 miles from Bala on the Porthmadog/Trawsfynydd road through the mountains. You’ll see the dam first on the right hand side. Then drive for about a mile or more alongside the lake. The chapel is quite hard to find, so you need to drive slowly or you’ll miss it. There’s a small parking place, then you walk down a short track to the lake and the chapel is directly in front of you. The graveyard is on the left, just before the chapel. It’s particularly photogenic when the foxgloves are out.

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  4. You make me itch to hop on a plane! I’ve read about wales but don’t know anyone who has been there. It certainly does look magical through your eyes, Izzy!

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  5. Gorgeous and stunning photo’s..Izzy. Thank you also for the story behind it. your last lines gave me a shiver .. ❤

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  6. Very interesting post, thanks Elisabeth ♥

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  7. I love your photos! So beautifully captured. 🙂

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