Passionate about following my heart,

living my dreams

and sharing a Legacy of Hope.

Isabella [Izzy/Lizzie]

Born and bred in North Wales, UK.

Nature/Animal Lover. Photography. Lover of Life.

My Previous Sites: Izzy’s Agenda, Lizzie Joy’s Photo Suite, Isabella Rose Photography

Welcome to My World.


Email: walesforever.cymru@gmail.com


  1. Such exquisite photos, Izzy. An incredible variety of colors, contrasts, and subjects – each unique and beautiful. 💜

  2. Guten Tag Isabella,
    Irgendwie habe ich Dich in der Bloggerwelt ‘verloren’. Danke für die wunderbaren Bilder aus Wales. Liebe Grüsse in ihren Sommertag wünscht Ernst

  3. Thank you for following my blog

  4. I’m of Welsh decent. But I’ve never been to Wales. It’s nice to see some of Wales through your beautiful photos.

  5. What a delightful blog!! I love going places with you 🙂 Thanks for taking me, and LEAD ON . . .

  6. Beautiful site. Glad I came across this now. 🙂

  7. Beautiful blog, thanks for your subscription, good evening Elisabeth ♥

  8. Nice to see you again, looking forward to your lovely Welsh posts…

  9. Ik kijk al uit naar het vervolg

  10. You’re a Welsh beauty, Angel. 🙂

  11. I’m very looking forward to your presentations of Wales, Elisabeth. We are planning a stay in North Wales May, 2018. 🙂
    Best regards from North Norfolk,

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