A Higher Force To Guide Us

“Live in the present moment to stay in the Flow of Life.  

No need to plan ahead.  Respond to life as it happens.

When we’re in the Flow of Life, we are naturally trusting in a Higher Force to guide us.

We let go of trying to control everything ourselves.

Get back in the Flow of Life where everything happens naturally at the right time.”


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  1. Beautiful words and pictures, Izzy.. xx

  2. Love the colours in the photographs.

  3. Ah, Izzy, words and images in perfect harmony. Thank you for the beauty you share. 🙂 xoxo

  4. So long since I was in that part of the world, Isabella. I’d forgotten how beautiful it can be. 🙂 🙂

  5. Excellent poetry.. We are indeed the Flow.. And your beautiful images match that energy perfectly.. ❤

  6. Now you’ve brought back a few memories of long ago. Beddgelert was a favourite childhood place – lots of visits to Gelert’s grave and paddling in the Glaslyn.

    • Yes indeed. I went to Gelerts grave too and learned all about the legend behind it. I also discovered that the “Inn of the Sixth Happiness” starring Ingrid Bergman was partly filmed in this area and there is a plaque in the centre of the village commemorating this.

      • Oh yes, Inn of the Sixth Happiness. We were in Wales that year, and my mother was all of twitter about it. In fact I have a vague memory of a distant view of mountain ‘Chinese’ village.

      • Yes I believe they did film the village up in the mountains around Beddgelert. Inn of the Sixth Happiness was my mother’s all-time favourite film.

  7. Fantastic photos and beautiful words of wisdom, in particular, living in the present moment. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week. Aiva ❤️

  8. Profound thought to begin a week. Monday mornings are always high stress because we come off a weekend of respite and head into a world of competing demands. Love the photos!

  9. Such beautiful photos. Flow on Izzy!

  10. You will never know how much I needed this in this very moment! Sweet blessings to you Isabella. May your journey be one of love and light. The photos in this post touch me deeply…so beautiful. ❤

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