The River of Life

The flow of life has its ups and downs.  The River of Life surges and falls on its way to the Eternal Ocean.  Do not resist.  Go with the flow wherever it takes you.  Swim with the tide and not against it.  

When the River of Life flows through the rapids just hold on.  It will eventually reach calmer waters.  Stay centered.  Keep your peace.  For All Is Well.

Photos taken at Betws Y Coed, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

Words – an excerpt from My Journal June 2017


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  1. In french:

    Cet endroit semble magnifique

    North wales seems to be a very nice country

  2. This area of Scotland is very picturesque and all the landscape photos are looking wonderful!

  3. I don’t seem to be able to click the ‘Like’ button, my computer at fault probably but beautiful photos and I love your wise words.
    The order and pattern of nature is not control, to ‘Be Like Water’ is a good philosophy to live by.

  4. Wonderful words of wisdom, Izzy, and fantastic accompanying photos. Really nice to see the “big picture” at the end, of calm and beauty.

  5. Beautiful – reminding me of some wise words I read – don’t push the river, it will seek its own journey

  6. Beautiful photos and wonderful words to follow!

  7. Exquisite photos, Izzy, and beautiful poetic insights. 💜

  8. Snowdonia National Park is such an amazing place! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and have a good day. Aiva

  9. Beautiful photos Izzy, and great advice. xx

  10. Beautful images and wisdom here, and I am looking forward to my own travels back to Wales in August.. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and sending you well wishes for a Happy Healthy 2020 where hopefully all will run and flow smoothly
    Much love..
    Sue 💚💛

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