Welsh Castles: Conway Castle

Crossing over the river via Conway road bridge, which opened in 1958.  To the left of it you can just see the top of Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge, which was completed in 1826.  It was to be the only crossing for the next 133 years.  It is now closed to traffic.

Built for King Edward I, by Master James of St George, the castle is among the finest surviving medieval fortifications in Britain, from the grandeur of its high towers and curtain walls to its excellent state of preservation.

Both castle and walls were built in a barely believable four years between 1283 and 1287. An estimated £15,000 was spent building the castle, the largest sum Edward spent in such a short time on any of his Welsh castles between 1277 and 1307.

Two barbicans (fortified gateways), eight massive towers and a great bow-shaped hall all sit within its distinctive elongated shape, due in part to the narrow rocky outcrop on which the castle stands.

In 1848 Robert Stephenson’s tubular railway bridge was opened.  It runs parallel to the road and suspension bridges.

Tubular railway bridge

A sunny day in the park behind the castle

To get the full picture, head for the battlements. Breathtaking views across mountains and sea.

Conwy takes its place alongside Edward’s other great castles at Beaumaris, Harlech and Caernarfon as a World Heritage Site.

For more information about Conway Castle see https://cadw.gov.wales/more-about-conwy-castle

For ideas on what to do and see in the area, visit www.attractionsofsnowdonia.com

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  1. nice one!


  2. What a majestic castle! Amazing details stone work, in 4 years. Thank you for the tour through your beautiful photos.

  3. Stunning vintage architecture & landscape photography, dear Isabella ~ have a great Thursday! 🤗

  4. It is amazing, how people by that time could build so massive stone castles!

  5. WOW… love the castle… Makes you think of times of old… and how in such a short time we got to where we are today ❤

  6. Beautiful photos as usual, Izzy, and interesting information. Have a lovely day, my friend💕

  7. Danke für den interessanten Ausflug. Ich habe Dich gerne begleitet.

  8. Wow! It’s so iconic! Exactly like a fairy tale castle. And built in 4 years is really astonishing!

  9. That is a great castle. That is unbelievable the walls were built in four years. Wonderful photos.

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