Castle in the Clouds

The day I visited Flint Castle, I was privy to the most wonderful display of fluffy white clouds, billowing against a cobalt sky.

Flint Castle [WelshCastell y Fflint] stands on the banks of the Dee estuary, in Flintshire, North-East Wales. It was built between 1277 – 1284.

It was the first castle to be founded as part of Edward I’s campaign against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd (Llywelyn the Last) in North Wales, in his campaign to encircle and conquer Wales.  Its most impressive feature is a solitary round tower.

It was the final refuge of King Richard II, before he conceded the crown to Henry IV.

Flint Castle is now maintained by Cadw, a Welsh Government body that protects, conserves and promotes the building heritage of Wales.

Access is free and via a path. Most parts of the castle are open to the public.


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  1. Such lovely photos, Izzy, and a powerful reminder of how the nature reclaims the earth with the passing of empires.

  2. These castles are beautiful! I miss being able to visit historic places like this as there’s nothing really comparable here in the US.

    • I’m a member of The National Trust and Cadw, the Welsh Government body that protects, conserves and promotes the building heritage of Wales. So when I post these articles I’ll try and make them as real as possible for you. Thank you, Sue.

  3. A Country seeped in Mystical and Magical History ❤ I often wonder as I visit such ruins the life they led and wonder too if we were not also around during those times.. As I too am often drawn to these Historical places… ❤

  4. Beautiful photos. That castle has not fared as well.

  5. Grear photos. Looks like you had a perfect day for your visit.

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