Here Comes The Sun

One of the high points of a recent visit to Ynys Mon was the spectacular sunrise over the Menai Straits. I love the early hours of the day when the world is still asleep and I was out in readiness with my camera just after 6am.

The scene that met me was surreal. The hotel at the waterside was still in darkness.  The waves lapped gently against the jetty.  Several small boats rested silently, silhouetted on the surface of the placid waters.  The Snowdonian mountains lay shrouded in a light blanket of mist and were barely visible across the Straits.  All was hushed and still, peace personified.

Over the next few minutes the sky took on a different personality as it began to awaken from its slumbers.  The clouds became tinged with an orange-pink hue as the sun began to rise from behind the silent mountains. The panorama metamorphosed in just a few minutes as the earth emerged out of the darkness and into the light of a new day, alive with infinite possibilities.  I watched, spellbound.  Surely a magical, mystical moment in time.

Photos: Sunrise over the Menai Straits, Ynys Mon, North Wales, 6.30am September 6th, 2017.

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  1. Beautiful sunrise captures, Isabella 🙂 📷

  2. Good evening Rose, welcome to my page ♥

  3. Lovely little boats in the port

  4. Thank you for the visit. Great to see such good pictures of the Straits. I’ve spent many summer holidays hiking around Snowdonia. Nice to here from Wales. 🙂

  5. So lovely to see you again! Beautiful photos

  6. Oh my gosh!! Is that you IsabellaRose? I have missed your beautiful presence here 💜 So nice to see you…cant wait to catch up! 😁

  7. Nice to find you again! Truly magical moments you pictured!

  8. Stunning photos as ever! How wonderful to see you and your photos of beautiful Wales again, Izzy!! ❤

  9. Kindness is always remembered and goes a long way…
    Indeed it is a wonderful tool but when it starts acting up it can be discouraging to say the least, hopefully this time it’ll sail smoothly!

  10. I see you have a new blog or is it just the title that has changed?
    I am completely head over heels about Wales after visiting Rhossili in the Gower South of Wales. So I am looking forwards to following and scrolling down right now…
    Best of success with this blog too and best wishes for a warm healthy and safe winter!

    • Thank you so much. I’ve been absent for a while. Had to delete my old site because of recurring problems. Then decided last week to set up from scratch again, so this was my first article. Hopefully many more to follow. Lovely to be contact again. I’ve missed my friends here.

  11. Ik kijk al uit naar het vervolg

  12. Absolutely magical, Isabella! 🙂 🙂 I love your new look.

  13. Oh how I’ve mixed your exquisite photos of a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks Isabella for sharing your beautiful photos and country with us. Love, N 🙂 ❤

  14. Thank you a lot for following my blog.

  15. Exquisite photos and poetic thoughts that convey such peace and beauty, Izzy. I have missed your lovely work and am delighted to have an opportunity to reconnect. ❤

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