A Visit to Mykonos

As our cruise ship docked at the Greek Island of Mykonos, I was sitting on our balcony in early morning meditation.  My first thought as I opened my eyes was “The Presence of God is in this place,” so tangible was that presence.

The writer Lawrence Durrell, in his book “The Greek Islands”, agrees:

“There is a special kind of presence here

in this land, in this light…”

“…to be electrified by Greek light,

to be intoxicated by the white dancing candescence

of the sun on a sea with blue sky pouring into it.”

                                                                 Lawrence Durrell   “The Greek Islands”

… you rise each morning to a new day,

a new world which has to be created from scratch. 

Each day is a brilliant improvisation with full orchestra –

the light on the sea, the foliage, the stabbing cypresses, the silver spindrift olives…”

Lawrence Durrell      “The Greek Islands”

“Of all people, the Greeks have dreamt the game of life best.”


Photos: Visiting the Greek Island of Mykonos 2009

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  1. How do you touch up your photos? The last two have a surreal Monet like look to them.
    The only problem with Mykonos on our cruise was the aggressive souvenir hawkers?

    • I use Adobe Lightroom for editing the raw images. I love playing around with the various sliders. I believe this type of photo is known as ‘painterly’. I have been referring to it as Photographic art. The main slider I would use in this case is the clarity and I turn it right down, rather than up. Then I just play around until I like the results. On your other remark – we actually didn’t see any hawkers as we were there at the end of November and were the last cruise ship to visit of the season. It was still very warm but uncrowded. A lovely time to visit.

  2. What a light indeed. Larry Durrell was impressed by Greece, Corfu in particular. Maybe because he was born in India? 🙂
    Personally I prefer his little brother Gerry. Re-read it recently, hasn’t lost its charm.
    If you’re still there, enjoy your cruise.

  3. Lovely photos. Make me long to go there and just hang out.

  4. According to Greek mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. I would love to explore the island’s history and traditions one day, thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

  5. You took me there with these beautiful photographs… Thank you, Love, nia

  6. There’s a certain tranquility in those beautiful images.

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