In The Presence Of Wonder

“In the presence of wonder, the head has no answers

and the heart has no questions.”

          Richard Wagamese

Photos taken through the window of the steam train travelling down Y Wyddfa [Mount Snowdon], the highest mountain in Wales.

Snowdon Mountain Railway, a journey of a lifetime to the peak of Snowdonia, the rooftop of Wales. 

Richard Wagamese (October 14, 1955 – March 10, 2017),  an Ojibwe from the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations in northwestern Ontario, was a Canadian author and journalist. 


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  1. Lovely landscapes. The colours are so vivid. And the air is so clean.

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  2. Magnificent photos, dear friend!

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  3. Fabulous! 🙂 🙂 Wish I was there!

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  4. Stunning photos, Izzy, of a place that is, indeed, what one imagines as heaven.

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  5. Mooie wolken foro’s en wat zal d

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  6. Beautiful scenery! The rail is remarkable. Thank you for the link!

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  7. Beautiful, we visited years ago, the train broke down and we had to walk down. Plus we saw nothing because the cloud was so low, so its lovely to see what we missed 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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  8. That floating mass of cloud adds striking contrast to the image. Beautiful capture, Izzy

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