Drama at Ephesus

Let the drama begin.

Roman soldiers marching into Ephesus.

The Emperor’s party arrives.

The Emperor awaits the spectacle.

The Emperor’s wife arrives.

The Dancing Girls.

Soldiers standing guard.

The Juggler performs.

Soldiers guard the entrance.

The gladiators approach.

Spectators watching the combat.

Awaiting the Emperor’s decision.

Guards prevent access to the Emperor.

The Emperor and his wife leave the arena.

Waving goodbye.

Soldiers bringing up the rear.

Photos: Drama at Ephesus, 2012

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  1. This is amazing, I haven’t seen a drama at Ephesus in my visit years… Should visit again. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Colourful pictures. A treat for the eyes. They have tried for accuracy in reproducing ancient costumes and all accessories including the togas and peplums. Reminds me of some Italian peplum movies. Jo

  3. Wow so colorful I wonder if their dress was as colorful back then? I love how original they look. Amazing trip ❤

    • Yes, this is the drama I mentioned previously. It was excellent, made all the more special with the atmospheric music. An amazing experience.

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