A New Dawn








A New Dawn

A New Day

A New Month

A New Year

A New Life

I am re-writing the script for My Life

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

          William Shakespeare

Happy New Year!  Happy New Life!

Photos:  Dawn breaks over the Menai Straits, Ynys Mon, North Wales

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  1. Happy Happy New Year! Hugs coming your way. We are at another beginning – looking forward to the journey ahead.

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. A very Happy New Year to you too. May all our dreams come to fruition in 2020. Love and hugs back to you 💜💙

  3. Happy New Year Isabella! I love the concept of new dawns at the start of a new decade. A beautiful collection … thank you for sharing them.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Thank you for following my blog. I saw this post this morning and liked your photography. I’ve seen a few more of your pictures now. You say “I am re-writing the script for My Life”. Well, at nearly 70 years of age, I’ve seen a lot of Life, both very good and very bad, and I simply want to say to you, “Do it, go for it, believe in yourself!!!”. And if photography is a part of your journey, then all to the good! 🙂

  5. Thank you, Charlotte. My pleasure. Happy New Year.

  6. Thank you, Adrian, for your lovely message. It’s a pleasure to connect with you in this way. Happy New Year.

  7. Thank you for your beautiful photos and friendship – it means a great deal to me.

  8. Bless you, Rebecca. You are so kind.

  9. Fantastic photos! Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year 🎉🎉🎉 Aiva

  10. Happy new year 2020.

  11. Happy New Year to you too, Anil. So happy to reconnect.

  12. Thank you very much, Aiva. A very Happy New Year to you and your family too.

  13. Very nice. I do like #5 a lot. Is that from the Gazelle?

    All the best for 2020!

  14. Beautiful photos.
    Happy New Year Izzy.
    Alison xox

  15. Exquisite photos, Izzy – so peaceful with such stunning colors that fit so well with you powerful message of a new dawn. Sending love and blessings 💜

  16. Thank you so much. Me too happy to reconnect!

  17. Happy New Year to you, and thank you for this beautiful inspiration!

  18. Thank you, Graham. Yes. all the images were taken outside the Gazelle hotel. I stayed there for a couple of days; not a very good hotel but in an amazing position right on the Straits. I was outside at 6am each morning to catch the amazing sunrises.

  19. Thank you, Alison. Happy New Year to you too xx

  20. Thank you, Carol. Love and blessings coming back to you xx

  21. Nice one! I took the following from the same spot a few years ago: https://geotopoi.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/bangor-pier-2/
    Pity your stay wasn’t too great – hope the views compensated.

  22. Fabulous photos of the bay! I’m sorry- I thought I’d been here earlier to wish you every happiness in the year ahead 🙂 🙂

  23. Thank you, Jo. Dont worry, I lose track of everyone too. Onwards and Upwards. xx

  24. Exquisite photos… Wishing you a blessed and beautiful 2020!

  25. Lovely photographs of a very beautiful place!
    Greetings from Spain,

  26. Thank you very much. It’s lovely to meet you here on WordPress. Best Wishes from North Wales.

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