Be Still And Know That I Am God

When the waters of our mind become calm and unruffled,

we will experience the reflection of the Divine.

Photos: The lake in the middle of Llandegla Forest, North Wales  8th June 2021

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  1. Absolutely serene and beautiful… yes, and the verse depicted that moment of stillness! Thank you for sharing, Isabelle. ♥️

  2. Beautiful, serene captures! As I went from photo to photo, I envisioned the clouds were angels flying over. 😇

  3. Oh, how blissful being there and your captures are extraordinary, my dear Lizzie. Truly, the “reflection of the Divine”.

  4. Such beautiful blue serenity.

    • The sunshine made all the difference. This lake is in a clearing in Llandegla forest. So I got the greens and the blues all in one day.

  5. Beautiful photos, Lizzie.

  6. A sacred place that feeds the soul.

  7. Beautiful images. Such bright blue skies will lift one’s heart high.

  8. Eine friedliche und farbenfrohe Stimmung liegt über diesem See, der mir mit seinen sehr flachen Ufern wie eine Lagune vorkommt. Unsere Ufer an den Seen sind meistens hoch und steil. I leave you greetings, take care of yourself.

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