Magical, Mystical Midsummer’s Eve

SDC10687 (7)-2

Last night my mind travelled back to a distant Midsummer’s Eve. It was the most wonderful night of my life. The moon was full, its myriad rays dancing across the tranquil ocean and rippling gently at the water’s edge.

Behind me, the dunes loomed out of the gathering darkness, like weird ethereal spectres in the night. The sand shimmered, a mirage of palpating, vibrant, golden energy. The star-spangled indigo heavens stretched majestically above me, a tapestry of cascading starlight interwoven with moonbeams.

The moment was both hypnotic and sublime. I was delirious with joy as I walked, barefoot, my mind unencumbered, my heart bathed in rapture. There was truly magic in the air that night.

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  1. Wow yes I can see and feel that for sure. What an amazing sight to behold. I love what you wrote. Goes perfectly with the feeling of this photo. 🦋 ❤ Blessings on your Sunday friend xx

  2. Thank you, Michelle Marie, for such a beautiful message. Many blessings to you too 💙💚

  3. I feel the magic in your words, Lizzy…absolutely enchanting!

  4. Ah – and you were able to capture this amazing memory. Simply beautiful…

  5. Thank you, Ally. I’ll never forget that night. I haven’t experienced anything like it since. 💙

  6. Thank you, Rebecca. A once in a lifetime experience. 💙

  7. My pleasure, Lizzie….I too have had evenings like that, unforgettable I would say! xxx

  8. such magical
    memory shared 🙂

  9. Your words are absolutely magical – it’s amazing how we can paint pictures and describe our surrounding – what a lovely memory to share

  10. Thank you so much. It was an unforgettable evening, forever etched in my soul

  11. Magical indeed, you live in such an enchanting country, thank you for sharing all this beauty with us dear Lizzy.
    May your day be as wonderful as you are. love and hugs, Francina

  12. Thank you for your lovely messages, dear Francina. Have a wonderful day too. xx

  13. An excellent image accompanied by beautiful words.

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